Why buy maternity clothes second hand?

You are only going to wear your maternity clothes for a pretty short period of time (same story with baby clothes), say 6 months at most, and even within those 6 months your body changes a lot so you may not wear each piece for more than a few months.  So chances are you don’t want to break the bank on maternity wear but you still want to look cute and seasonal and be really comfortable. Plus, maternity clothes are generally in great shape after their first or even second owner (again since they’re used so briefly).  So, maybe splurge on that one outfit or piece that you can pair with anything and then buy the rest used.  Wouldn’t you rather save that extra cash and go get a pre-natal massage, go to an extra yoga class, or buy that fancy stroller you’ve been eyeing!

We do have some great new spring clothes just in and are always looking to buy gently used maternity wear. Look forward to seeing you!

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