Consignment is Recycling!

If you’re like me, every year when I’m thinking up New Year resolutions, I come back to all the many ways I could be making more of a positive impact on the environment. This year, using less water was top on my list with the looming drought (thank goodness for all this rain we’ve been getting), but right after that was how to minimize the impact that bringing another family member into this world would have.  As we all know, babies require a lot of stuff, whether its diapers, oh so many clothes (3+ outfits/day and they only last a few months before they outgrow them), toys and gear that they quickly grow out of or get bored of.  That is what first brought me to consignment shops on a regular basis.  It allowed me to not only find a good home for items that my little guy could no longer use, and make a little cash while doing so, and keep them out of the landfill, but also to pick up items that had been gently used by another little one, keeping those items out of the trash as well and saving me some cash.  It’s a win-win if you ask me.  Here is an article with some stats on how much resale helps to keep out of landfills (its a few years old but it gets the point across).

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